What has YAR got to do with coaching?

YAR is when a sailboat is at its best. With the sails full of lift it easily and effortlessly glides through the water demonstrating its strength, beauty and magnificence. It is rigged to make the most of everything it was intended and designed to do. It is set to triumph over any obstacles or barriers that may be on course during its voyage to its desired destination. The sailboat is YAR. It is at its best.

So what does YAR have to do with you?

When was the last time you were at your best?

Changing jobs, at a crossroads in your career, being the leader you’ve always wanted to work for or getting set to take your team to the next level of performance, coaching with A Muse Coach will help you navigate from where you are now to where you want to go.

If being your best is your end goal then YAR is a three letter word that is meant for you.