Elisabeth Ross

CEO, Ovarian Cancer Canada

Working with Sarah Robinson, has dramatically changed my personal leadership style. As my coach Sarah has really helped me develop a greater awareness of how my strengths can be flexed towards creating an exceptional organization. From exorcising my “Inner Gremlin”, to changing how I deal with conflict in the workplace, her coaching has helped me significantly shift the dynamics of my team. Our work together has also been invaluable in supporting me through a complete organizational restructuring as well as integrating two charities with very diverse cultures into a new unified organization. All in all, having coaching in my life has made a world of difference.

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Jennifer Williams

Director of Marketing, Trudell Medical International

Sarah combines her inquisitive nature, gentle sense of humour and extensive "in the trenches" experience, to really get to the crux of an issue and then guide you through to see your own way forward. She is able to cull the best out of my unique style, to build on that, and help me reach a higher (and deeper) level of leadership. What's so amazing about working with Sarah, is that it is not about "fixing" the problem or fixing me but working it; facing it and working it, to get the best out of me and the organization.

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Allyson MacQueen

Director of Community Engagement, Ovarian Cancer Canada

Coaching offered me the rare opportunity, in this busy world, to slow down, explore and create how I wanted to show up in my life. It provided me with an amazing process to create the life I’ve always wanted using tools I already possessed. I was able to delve into who I really am and what is going on when I am at my best and what is not. I found the process healing, motivating, and inspiring. It opened many doors, all as a result of increasing my own self awareness. It was the best gift I have ever given myself - I am happier, more fulfilled and powerful as a result of working with Sarah.

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Maureen Stapleton

Senior Lecturer in Finance, Rotman School of Management

I learned to walk down another street! That was a challenging process for me because I’d spent 25 years in a hard-driving, successful career, largely with one financial firm.

I learned that accomplishment is great but you’ve also got to feel happy and excited about what you do. I had that early in my previous career but lost it along the way through mergers, changing corporate culture and changes in my own value set. My career shift, and I call it a shift rather than a change, brought that spark back!

This was different from all the career development I had experienced in the corporate world which focused squarely on my skill set, fit and my next accomplishment. Sarah’s coaching took me to another level by asking "What do you want to do? What will fill you up? How can you make that happen?"

I know for sure that anything is possible…if it fits who you are, what you need, what you bring to the table, and what you’re willing to invest. Visualization is an important tool. Sarah taught me that by asking "What does it look like, and how does it make you feel?" And, importantly "What must you do to get there?"

Since then, I’m more inclined to ask questions now, and to ask for help promptly when it’s needed. Because I am happier in what I do, I am a more confident leader and more measured in my decisions.

Sarah makes you work very hard to understand your signature strengths and apply them to what you’re doing now. She’s insistent, keeping you firmly on track but in a uniquely supportive way. I felt that she understood the ups and downs I experienced that year, and adapted her coaching process to keep me moving.

What really stands out for me are results. I have a new career, in a new sector, I love what I do, and I won an award in my first year!

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