Team Coaching and Leadership Development

The A Muse Coach Team Coaching and Leadership Development process, a strengths-based approach is all about engaging team members in an ongoing structured conversation that focuses on what the team wants to achieve and how that specific group of individuals is going to achieve shared goals. It lays the foundation for the discipline of regularly coming together to focus on how the team members are operating together, and how to best leverage the talent and efforts of every team member.

What Can Team Coaching Do for Your Organization?

  • The Team Coaching Process uses a combination of assessments, training and coaching for the team to develop a better understanding of individual and collective strengths and all that the team has going for it.
  • Team coaching can help teams that rely on individual subject matter experts to become more aware of the impact they have on others and explore what they can do collectively to increase overall team effectiveness and performance.
  • We use the Team Diagnostic process, which provides an in depth profile of your team’s current reality from the inside out. It reveals the strengths, challenges and dynamics of the team. It lays the foundation for the team to begin collectively charting a course for success as one system.
  • Customized Leadership Development Programs can help high potentials flourish and develop that next level of leaders. Becoming more aware of existing individual and collective strengths and the benefit of diverse work styles coming together can all be leveraged towards building your organization’s best team.
  • Custom-designed values-based Leader as Coach Programs offer cross functional training plus ongoing check ins throughout the year to lock in the learning and develop new leadership skills and habits.

How Do I Help Leaders to Be Their Best?

I start by asking all my clients this question: When was the last you were YAR? (YAR is when a boat is at its best, perfect for sailing.) When was the last time you and your team were at your best?

How Do I Help Teams Be Their Best?

Seven-Step Team Coaching process involves:

  1. Determining Outcomes
  2. Assessing the Team
  3. Building Team Awareness
  4. Developing Shared Team Agreements and Accountabilities
  5. Putting it into Action
  6. Forming New Habits
  7. Re-Assessing the Team

Team Coaching and Leadership Development Programs are all custom-designed and facilitated by a minimum of two experienced Team Coaches. Programs are typically 12 -18 months in duration with 1-2 day initial foundation sessions, ongoing monthly team check in sessions and 3-4 recommended development days throughout the year. Programs consist of multiple components: In Class Leadership Training; Skill Development; Individual and Collective Strengths Assessments; Ongoing Individual and Team Coaching; and Program Evaluation. Momentum is built over time and results can be realized in three to six months.